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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  November 5, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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, this is truly go time, the last opportunity to bring of big names like the balls and make of bigger plead for voters to show up on tuesday. -- big names like the boss. the final stretch is a frantic one, a push that is not made unless there is real concern not just by the candidates. >> i am very nervous. i just want to make sure everybody is out there because i think there is a chance that romney has done more than i thought he was going to be able to do. >> on saturday there were 20,500 volunteers working knocking on thousands of doris and in reminding virginians were to vote. >> we know america has always
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done best when everybody gets a fair shot. >> the president is doing all he can do before it is in someone else's hands. if there is one campaign acronym you'll learn quickly on the campaign trail,, it is gov get out the vote. scott thuman, abc 7 news. >> the romney campaign was also very busy today, and they even made some last minute changes for tomorrow. beth cooper is in new hampshire tonight and she has been
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following mitt romney every step of the way. >> mitt romney will be landing here at the manchester airport in just a few hours for a major rally in the state that helped launch his campaign. this is just one of multiple stops in the final 48 hours of the presidential campaign. the candidate started this morning in florida. it is still just as close in this campaign. he was on to virginia for two stops, first and lynchburg and then on to fairfax. it had planned to come straight here to new hampshire for a rally, but then the campaign decided it was still too close to call in ohio so that they went on to columbus, ohio. he only had time for a quick airport hangar rally in a while before they had here to new hampshire. that added two more rallies tomorrow in ohio and in pittsburg.
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mitt romney is fighting for every last vote as he makes the final push for the presidential bid. rebecca cooper, abc 7 news. >> many people on the campaign trail have said when virginia and you win the election. both candidates have spent a lot of time in the commonwealth. romney just wrapped up an eventat university. >> he this was the last local event of the romney-writing campaign. -- of the romney-ryan campaign. with the finish line just hours away, the romney campaign this afternoon posted what it called a victory rally at george mason university. >> i think the question of this election comes down to this. do you want four more years like
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the last four years? or do you want real change? >> thousands lined up outside the patriot center in fairfax county for the final campaign event. >> i have some real concerns about the direction our company is going. >> with one in six in poverty, we can do better as americans. >> this is the second of two campaign stops romney is making in virginia. the latest polling in this critical swing state shows the two candidates at and even finished. >> i am very concerned. >> it is going to be the biggest voting day ever in history, that i know of, in my lifetime. >> president obama and narrowly
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won virginia in 2008 by a mere six percentage points. crowds have gathered here today to galvanize and be sure that does not happen again. suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. >> mitt romney is not the only candidate fighting in virginia. vice-president joe biden started his warning along side tim kaine in sterling. both campaigns invested heavily this time around. >> voters in battleground virginia will be the first in the area with polls opening at 6:00 a.m. and closing at 7:00 p.m.. let us know if you see anything out there are any problems out there for long lines are machine
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malfunctions. just click on our website or send us an e-mail. >> let's switch to the other big story this week, and that is the weather. >> there are concerns about nor'easter heading for the east coast. >> doug hill is tracking the storm from the weather center. what is the latest to have seen there? >> there is no storm yet. tomorrow at the storm will rapidly intensify and head north toward. we expect a cold night here. welcome back to eastern standard time. will be clear and very cold tonight. you can see the trend setting in, well below average on the thermometer, and this will continue at least for a few more days. as we head for the overnight, a
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freeze warning is in effect for most of the region, 26-34 degrees for most of the region. the entire metro area and beyond are under a freeze warning. election day weather looks great around here, but wednesday does not look so great. i will have more in just a couple minutes. >> power has been restored for thousands in the area, but there are still a few hundred living in the dark and cold. for these families. >> the work never seems to stop in the farm land of frederick county. houses that are sprinkled along the countryside and nothing has been working since hurricane sandy came through. the storm uprooted trees and snapped several power poles. he and his 92-year-old mother rode out the storm here and have made it the best they could with
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the -- for a week without power. power crews have been working tirelessly since last monday replacing snapped boldin untangling twisted lines. there are many areas where power lines snaked through countless trees. there have been pockets of neighborhoods that have had to wait patiently for help. >> this has been a mess. it has been cold. this is really bad. >> slowly but surely, help is finally arriving. >> and have another storm coming. late this afternoon as he stood talking outside his home, power crews up the valley clipped is which and the lights came back on. >> in the aftermath of sandy, hundreds of thousands are still without electricity in new york and new jersey. that is just one of many
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challenges facing residents there. eight states including maryland, have spent if you have sent more than 200 troopers to help but checkpoints. nbc declared today a day of giving. we will donate $1 to the american red cross to everyone who likes our facebook page. >> coming up tragedy at the pittsburg suit. how a toddler fell into the wild dogs exhibit as his mother looked on in horror.
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>> prince george's county firefighters are investigating a double crash in kettering. emergency rescue squads were called to the scene.
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there is no word on the number of patients taken to the hospital. a man accused of two violent sexual assaults in d.c. that happened a week apart appeared in court today. a female student at howard university dorm room was attacked on friday. a 19-year-old is charged with assault. we will get that picture for you later. >> back to the election now, in maryland there is a lot more at stake than just a presidential race. >> you have seen the ads for question 6 and 7. both sides have spent millions to prove their point. >> brad bell has more on same- sex marriage and gaining in maryland. >> maryland cash, bring it back to the place where it belongs, not west virginia.
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>> governor martin was quoting perry added lyrics of a song. -- parodied lyrics. >> this is about $60 million of additional revenue that will come in to prince george's county. >> o'malley's out stumping in support of same-sex marriage. he grew a big crowd of -- drew a big crowd of backers this afternoon. >> the ad blitz certainly continues. both sides are after people like undecided voters like marla. she says she is still listening. it may come down to those last- minute decisions. many people tell us that no amount of advertising would
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change their mind on casinos. >> i don't believe we should use poor people's money to support our schools. that is what our tax dollars are for. >> i believe in the bible and what it says. >> we are live now national harbor. the challenge for the politicians, they say they know there are very few undecided out there, but this election is so close, they have to try to change those mines and a lot of these people have very entrenched opinions. >> we will have to wait to>> we will
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have to wait to see what happens. >> outside it is cool and crisp. >> there's still some good color left on the trees and out on the fairway. it is chilly now, 47. reporters -- 43 in gaithersburg , 47 in the nation's capital. the values today are way below where they normally are. the eastern shore of maryland all these areas under freeze warnings. a couple of bundles of energy for the tennessee valley now. this will force the development of an area of low pressure later
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tomorrow off the coast of the carolinas. a very intense nor'easter will develop. how close to shore it will form and where will it go? it could be good news for our area west of the chesapeake bay. i don't think there is any escaping the profound effect from the delaware coastline all the way up into new england. if it moves the wrong way, it could do more damage over portions of the new jersey coast line in southern new england as well. for the moment, most of the viewing area will get some rain and gusty weather and maybe a few wet snowflakes mixed in. tomorrow the high pressure will be well entrenched to the north. here comes the development through the day tomorrow. it will make a little turn
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thursday morning a little more toward the southern new england coastline. our weather will be a walk in the park compared to what could potentially happen in the mid- atlantic and the northeast coast wednesday and thursday. a freeze warrantor 9:00 a.m. tomorrow mid 40's at midday and upper 40's in the afternoon. for the next seven days, a good chance of rain and gusty wind and maybe some flakes mixed then on wednesday. then the sky clearing up on thursday and then threw the weekend. mid-60's with sunshine on saturday and sunday. >> thank you very much. tonight there is a new challenge on dancing with the stars. they are going to do two
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different dances in one song in what is being called a fusion bandsdance. don't expect an elimination this week because of dammar not coverage of the presidential election. we have more important voting to do before we can vote on " dancing with the stars." >> coming up some side effects from park -- from hurricane sandy that you may have not thought about.
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so, maybe you're trying to figure out question seven.well, let me give it a shot. if you're ok with marylanders spending five hundndred and... fifty million a year gaming in otother states, fair enough. but if you think we shou keep that money here... add twelve thousand jobs, and generate millions for schools... well you should probably vote for question sev. because if it doesn't pass, all of this s goes away. that's why the post called seven,n, common sense. but decide for yourself.
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>> an extremely disturbing story is unfolding in pittsburg tonight. a family outing ended in tragedy after a 2-year-old boy fell into a wild dog exhibit and was killed. >> the director of the zoo late this afternoon revealed the 2- year-old boy survived the fall but was killed by the pack of wild dogs. we are still waiting for the medical examiner to confirm all of that, but everyone who has come into contact with this story is shaken. >> by all accounts, the scene at the pittsburg sue was horrific. police say a woman lifted her 2- year-old son of on the railing
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for a better view of the wild dog exhibit. the boy fell and the pile of predatory dogs fell. >> we could hear screaming over the hillside saying stay away. >> there was a net below, but the boy's body was so small and light that he went through the net. 11 dogs pounced. witnesses say the attack lasted about five minutes and happened in front of a crowd. >> about five minutes passed by before we heard what sounded like a lot of gunshots. >> jack hanna tells us there is nothing that could have been done to stop the dogs and once the attack started. >> one dog was shot and killed by pittsburg police. >> i cannot imagine the loss.
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>> i feel so sick for them and what they are going through. >> we talked about coming to the suit today it -- we talked about coming to the zoo today. >> the boy's mother and father were hospitalized for emotional stress. the dogs will not be euthanize. they will be quarantined for 30 days. >> that is really disturbing. take a look at this video of a plane in clipping and suv as it tries to land at an airport. bringing new attention to a major safety concern. listen to the moment after the accident when the couple inside the suv was questioned. >> there is a man in here who
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got hit by an airplane. why did you pull out in front of an airplane? >> we did not pull out in front of an airplane. >> yes, you did. >> the accident is still under investigation. >> still ahead, c l one local woman's efforts to help in the recovery of hurricane sandy turned into something much bigger.
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[ mitt romney ] we have to work on a collaborative basis. look, the reason i'm in this race is there are people that are really hurting today in this country. and we face this deficit -- could crush the future generations. and republicans and democrats both love america but we need to have leadership -- leadership in washington that will actually bring people together and get the job done and could not care less if it's a republican or a democrat. i've done it before, i'll do it again. i'm mitt romney, and i approve this message.
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>> this is abc 7 news at 5:00, on your side. >> if the early -- early voting
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lines are any indication what tomorrow is going to be like get ready. >> officials are getting ready now, getting the polling places ready for the big day. >> as you saw from those pictures, it is definitely crunch time for many of the politicians right now, but also for workers at polling stations, including this one right here in alexandria. workers at the thousands of polling stations began prepping for the first boats in just about 12 hours. >> it is going to be a long day. >> maryland and d.c. election officials hope this year's early voting will mean shorter lines on election day. prince george's county alone had 70,000 people cast voting.
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a similar story in the district where 10% of the eligible voters have already cast ballots. welcome news for poll workers to remember 2008. >> in the last hour, i had people who had not voted in 20 years. i am thinking it is going to be a rough day. >> virginia does not have early voting but in virginia today election officials started sifting through the thousands of absentee ballots. >> we don't care who wins the election, just make it a landslide. it really just extends the intensity and the stress.>> the poll workers in the district say that if they have a long line tomorrow, they plan to
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cook out so they will least have some food for them. >> time for a look at today's other top stories. less than a day away, and abc tracking poll shows president obama with just a one-point lead over mitt romney among likely voters. mitt romney was in florida and virginia today and will hold a rally tonight in new hampshire. >> there is a lot more online than just a presidential race in maryland. they will vote on legalizing same sex marriage to expanding casinos at the national harbors. >> most of the new york city subway system is running. a massive effort is underway to restore power to hundreds of thousands and make sure they
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have the basic necessities of food water, and more. another side effect we are seen locally is a lot of excess debris in the anacostia river. we took a ride on the river today to see what -- to see firsthand what is out in the water. >> creeks, streams, and storm drains from montgomery and prince george's counties in maryland as well as here d.c. in -- nt into the anacostia river. much of the river is starting to look like a trash dump. this is the urban and woodland trash that sandy left. the anna skype -- we get an up close view of what has come from streams nbc and maryland.
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piles of huge tree trunks. >> we don't the plastic bags anymore. >> we ran into teams of students canoeing on the river for their field trip. >> this is really bad for the pollution to be in the water. i am does really excited that we get to come and view this. >> the river is even dirtier than it looks. >> we probably had about 270 million gallons of raw untreated sewage. >> we also saw this domestic ducks swimming around. sandy must have blown him in from a farm or park. we mentioned the army corps of engineers. they had trucks out here today
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hauling debris to a landfill. they will have more trucks tomorrow. they bring the stuff to a landfill in virginia. sam ford, abc 7 news. >> anyone going 10 miles over the speed limit will pay $50 instead of 75. others will pay $100 instead of $125. aaa says it just makes people resent the government's debt of slowing down. >> let's get a check on the traffic situation. no one is doing much beating much to there.
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>> this is passed washington boulevard toward duke street. we are also seeing some slowed traffic on the outer loop starting around river road. the interlude delays began -- this is from old georgetown road, an early crash has been cleaned up the travel is now open. that is the latest. >> coming up this is now the headquarters of a growing relief effort for the victims of sandy. we'll introduce you to the woman who started it all.
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>> gas prices keep going down. we'll show you where they are now.
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president obama: there's just no quit in america... and you're seeing that right now. over five million new jobs. exports up forty one percent. home values... rising. our auto industry... back. and our heroes are coming home. we're not there yet, but we've made real progress and the... last thing we should do is turn back now. here's my plan for the next four years: making education and training a national priory; building on our manufacturing boom; boosting american-made energy; reducing the deficits responsibly by cutting where... we can, and asking the wealthy to pay a little more. and ending the war in afghanistan, so we can... do some nation-building here at home. that's the right path. so read my plan, compare it to governor romney's... and decide which is better for you. it's an honor to be your
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president... and i'm asking for your vote... so together, we can keep moving america forward. i'm barack obama and i approve this message.
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>> it is difficult to believe these images are what are left in some new york and new jersey towns. but help is coming from all over the country. one woman's mission has really grown into something much bigger. tell us about a. >> she had no idea would get this big, but word spread by e- mail and social media. she is expected to take a truckload of goods to new york tomorrow. >> everywhere you look at this wheaton home, inside and out there are donations for the victims of super storm sandy and the donations just keep coming. >> just sitting here in relative peace and watching new york, it was just kind of heart wrenching. >> it all began on friday night. she said she watched the devastating pictures on tv and
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knew she had to do something. >> i was there for the 1993 world trade center bombing and 9/11. i cannot just sit here in maryland and know that people were suffering and i was not doing anything. >> she asked a few friends to help, and they asked a few friends, and so on, and so on. food and batteries, cleaning supplies diapers, and lots and lots of warm clothing. >> we decided to sort it all ourselves. >> it has now grown into several truckloads. >> i feel like one small person trying to do something really big. >> the plan is for her and her mom to drive a truck to new york tomorrow and they will take some more on thursday.
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they have been posting on a facebook page called sandy md you can follow along. abc 7 will donate $1 to the american red cross for every person who likes our facebook page. >> it is really easy to do. up next, rallying for the dream act in maryland.
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[ mitt romney ] we have to work on a collaborative basis. look, the reason i'm in this race isis there
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are people that are really hurting today in this country. and we face this deficit -- could crush the future gerations. and republans and democrats both love america but we need to have leadership -- leadership in washington that will actually br png people together and get the job done and could not care less if it's a republican or a democrat. i've done it before, i'll do it again. i'm mitt romney, and i approve this message. >> scientology has been back in the news recently because of the tom cruise and katie holmes split. >> it is an officially designated religion in the u.s.,
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but for many, it is controversial. we go inside the search of scientology to find out more. in their chapel, they sign a pledge before across that is not christian to a founder who is not god. l. ron hubbard developed by netflix and saw -- developed dianetics and scientology in the 1950's. >> we are very open. anybody can come and talk to the church -- toward the church and talk to a sinologists. >> in lightning you more to make yourself better. >> it had answers that i needed. >> people study the works of l.
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ron hubbard. it is billed as a practical road map to self improvement happiness, and success. it is also unique. officials talked about auditing. they use something called an e- meter to identify a person's problem areas. >> think about something that this stressful for you. >> the idea is to then work through those issues. to critics, it goes beyond simply strange. >> it is a cold in the most extreme terms.
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-- a cult. >> he says it is just a pyramid scheme to happiness. >> there is a tremendous amount of pressure to turn over lots of money. >> gisella belong to the church back in the 1980's and says the pressure and control almost killed her. >> i had nightmares. >> the church dismisses such criticism as nonsense. >> many people think it is a cult. is scientology a cult? >> no, absolutely not. >> church officials insist they do not harass or spy on people. they said their membership is
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growing. critics say that is nonsense and say that the internet is hurting scientology because they can no longer control information. >> very interesting. a search for drugs ended up with a suspected gang member and an alligator in custody. anne arundel police said they found a three-foot alligator when they searched for drugs and cash. the alligator is now at a facility for exotic animals. >> let's see what's coming up to 6:00. >> the political campaign is down to the wire. coming up at 6:00, a big race
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for the senate we cannot forget that. tim kaine and george allen finished up their campaigns. we will see it 6:00. >> let's check in with the of one more time, a very active week ahead of us. >> a cold night with a freeze warning in effect. down to 39 already in gaithersburg winchester at 37. it is going to be cold tonight. the entire region from the pennsylvania border to the middle peninsula and eastern shore all under a freeze warning from midnight until 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. look in the middle of your screen, that little pen will motion is the next system coming across the tennessee valley. it will turn into a northeaster.
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how close it gets to the coast when it forms and how close it stays to the coast as it travels will determine its effects. right now we are expecting a pretty lousy day on wednesday. but the election that weather tomorrow is perfect. on wednesday, calling for a cold day, rain with some snow flakes mixed in. then we will see a clearing trend and a noticeable warming trend for the weekend. >> i know you watched the redskins yesterday. >> the monday mood in washington is dictated by how the redskins play on sunday. the hangover today. what happened to the redskins? and newton struggling, and then mike shanahan said, after a loss
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like this, you are playing to see who will be on your football team for years to come. >> mike shanahan is not throwing in the towel, as the saying goes. >> it doesn't matter who is out there or who is winning. >> and his monday press conference, he saw to clarify the controversial statement he made just after yesterday's lackluster loss to the panthers. >> when you lose a game like that you have to see who obviously is going to be on your football team for years to come. >> those comments with seven games left to play called some players by surprise. it seemed to rattle the redskins rank and file. >> i am not thinking about next year right now.
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>> you don't want to get your. -- to this point in your career were those words have been set. >> the redskins are three games back in the nfc east, to back from the wild-card spot. consider that the giants were 6 an 7 last year on their way to the super bowl championship. >> you don't have obviously much margin for error. >> it was done for a reason, going into a buy week, it put them on edge. i thought he was changing his coaching at for a lot -- for a psychologist at and trying to get the players fired up. >> coming up next taking le
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so, maybe you're trying to figure out question seven. well, let me give it a shot. if you're ok with marylanders spending five hundred and... fifty million a ye gaming in other states, fair enough. but if y thihink we shoush keep that money he... add twelve thousand jobs, and generate millions for schools. well you should probably vote for question seven. because if it doesn't pass, all of this goes away. that's why the post called seven, common sense. but decide for yourself.
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charlie rose: will you endorse president obama? colin powell: yes. when he took over we were in one of the... worst recessions we had seen in recent times... close to depression. and i saw, over the next seval years, stabilization... come back in the financial community. housing is starting to pick up. the president saved the auto industry. and the actions he's's taken with respect to... protecting us from terrorism have been very, very solid. and so, i think we ought to keep on the track that we are on. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message.
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>> voters will decide if illegal immigrants -- the last minute push. >> i came to the united states when i was 14 years old. >> a so-called riemer, she believes all students deserve a chance at an education. >> i believe in higher education. >> a chance for her and others to send a message to you at home. >> the dream act, or question 4, allows a undocumented graduating students to pay in state college tuition. it basically became a referendum because voters should decide.
5:58 pm
>> a few weeks ago, polls showed almost 60% support the greenback, but they are not giving up until the polls closed tomorrow. >> we are going to have the opportunity to vote for it will legislation. >> some of the students are the hardest working students there are. they talk about becoming doctors, lawyers. i want to make sure every kid who is here has the opportunity to achieve as much as they can. >> the game is not ending today. ins tomorrow. >> they are optimistic tomorrow will start a new chapter for immigrants in maryland. >> that is it for abc 7 news at 5:00. our election coverage continues
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right now on abc 7 news it 6:00. >> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at 6:00, on your side. >> we are at the final countdown. both of the candidates are in the states that could make or break their election hopes. last minute efforts to sway those voters out there who still are not sure for whom they are going to vote tomorrow. >> they are working the swing states one last time. polls are staying tight to the very end, so it looks like every vote will be important. we are live in chicago where president obama will arrive late tonight just-in-


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